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In addition to serving as aLn Director of Mercy Ministries, Randy and his wife, Sandra Barr are founders of Caring for Kids PV.

Erin Powell is an aLn affiliate. She is passionate about serving the disabled in East Africa. She advocates for "the least of these" by training Pastors and Teachers on how to give disabled persons a full church community experience.

Slavik Radchuk, aka "The Billy Graham of Ukraine" has perhaps done more than any other person alive to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Eastern Europe and the World. Slavik is a dear friend of aLn and a mentor to Dana Morey.

CFAN is a great friend and parter to aLn. CFAN has possibly reached more lost people for Christ than any single ministry in history!

Joshua Project tracks The Great Commission. Keep informed on the spread of the Gospel by nation, region and ethnic people group.

ICC is an organization that tracks the happenings of the persecuted chruch around the world. Let's keep them in our prayers!

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has made an incalculable impact on the world - especially the United States.